Monday, March 15, 2010

and until next time...


"I've got a picture of you

Wherever I go
A sweet reminder from you to me

I'm never alone."
- Mr. Hudson

im itching for st.paddy's day beer.

and i had quite the weekend- here's a glimpse:

*the boy came into town (xo).
*experienced my dear hilarious cousin in his high school play "Is He Dead?"
*saw "Remember Me" (i do recommend!)
*ran the shamrock {9.3 mile} run on sunday and i must say, it was quite a success.
*had the most delicious smoked salmon eggs benedict at urban farmer.
*treated myself to a divine pedicure (accompanied by a glass of red wine).
*chowed down on some chinese food and watched the hurt locker (had to see what all the hype was about- very good!)

the weekend was too fast, but here's to another week of love, work, and laughter.


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