Friday, February 26, 2010


ok, i found this designer via lovely happenings
and i am dying over these prints!

ooo ooo ooo i want, pretty please!
and they would make perfect housewarming gifts.
plus, so affordable.

take a gander, pumpkins!
tgif. xo

{buy and view here}

i heart friday!


between training for the shamrock run,
and doing my mounds of neglected laundry,
it's time to shimmy into something fun and playful this weekend.

i'm celebrating some glorious birthdays (s+a),
in the form of 'Prom 2004.'
spiked updo's, some questionable dresses & diamond encrusted flip flops.
it is sure to be hilarious.

so while i count down the hours of my work day,
here are some favorites of the day.

anthropologie 2010 here and here.

silk goods.

bobbi's gloss.

french room.

zoey's bangs.


what a face!

MACs spring&summer.

nautical dreams.

family roots.

simply beautiful.

have a joyous weekend, darlings! xo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursday daydreaming.

i am completely procrastinating at work.
so im daydreaming...and sorta surfing the net.
finding delicious things that are just dreamy.
and adorable.
and oh so divine.

see my things im dreaming about...

soda pop table escort cards {via}

a tropical room {via}

j.crew portugal {via}

a funky yet sweet brass knuckle ring {via}

espadrilles by christian louboutin {via}

anything chanel {photo via}

delicious ice cream with waffle cones {via}

toodles! xo,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scores with the Kors


while shoe hunting at Nordstrom Rack this past weekend
(with Vegas quickly approaching),
i really lucked out with a fabulous find.

Michael Kors platform heels, normally $200 on sale for $42!

Hello, score!

so happy. and they are even comfortable (shocking, i know).

Sin City, brace yourself.

Monday, February 22, 2010

one last day of sun...


before the rain returns :(

although we may still, technically, be in winter,
i adore the pastel creaminess of spring.

check eyeshadow colors here (in "Dreamy"), here and here.

happy (eh?) monday, lovelies!

Friday, February 19, 2010's FRIDAY!


and thank the Lord.

this photo
(from a few yrs ago).
so coy and the cat who ate the canary :)

have a hopefully SUNNY weekend hunnybuns!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coco Rouge


i've decided to start somewhat of a design/blog journal.
something where i can track inspiring prints, products and details.

and while i was flipping through one of my regular magazines,
i came across the new Coco Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick.

eeeks, i LOVE it. how divine is the photo set?
it's truly the perfect combination of red and pink.
check here for all the color options.

a must have and die-to-try for this spring.
please, please get your rouge fill this year!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pieces of peace

{photo unknown}

crazy madness this week with work.
sorry for the no-posts.

just take peace in this photo.

beautiful, yes?
all i need right now.

Friday, February 12, 2010

tGif: Park City


here i come!

i plan on indulging in a little bit of this, this and this
(but we're blondies, not brunettes) ;)

i apologize in advanced for the lack of posts this weekend or monday.
but enjoy yourselves this Valentine's!

hugs and kisses, lovelies!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sweet things


valentines day
is almost here and although im not entirely big on the holiday,
i can't help but feel a bit mushy and gushy and excited.
not only will i be in the beautiful Park City with a special some
it is also my beloved father's birthday and he is most dear to my heart.

here are some more sweet things in honor of this heart-filled holiday:

a lovely room, with just a touch of pink crystals- c'est parfait!

i swoon for macaroons.

very sweet stationary.

darling shorts! i want these for spring.

some retro summer flats- yes please!

delish beauty buys.

oh hello, marie. just divine. and a beautiful touch of red and pink.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dream big

i work at a high school for underserved youth,
and the more i'm here,
the more i'm inspired.
education is one tough field,
and i admire the strength and tenacity our administrators and children continue to exhibit.
every day.

some darling photos from around the globe.
all via {getty}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dynamic Duo: Nars


this bronzer/blush duo by nars has me in a tizzy.
Orgasm/Laguna combo, $39

while i've definitely done my share in swiping this stuff from my dearest roomie on occasion,
i must purchase my own for the upcoming warmer months.

a peachy-pink sheer shimmer with a perfect light brown highlighting bronzer.
just divine!
the most natural sun-kissed color you'll find in a makeup product.

enjoy! xo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

aussie dreams

{a friends' photo- bondi beach, australia}

3 years ago today, i was a week away from this place.
the best season of my life (thus far at least)

just plain, old, solid good times!
and where i fell in love, in more than one way ;)
one day, i WILL go back. no question.


manic monday!



this day has been CAH-RAZY, to say the least.
and i finally have a quiet moment at my desk to breathe.

i came upon this photo and adore this dress!
just precious.
inspiring, yes?

oh how i am anxiously awaiting the warmth and sun.
and the blooms.
i dream of these tulips.

hug and kiss,

Friday, February 5, 2010

TGIF tidbits...

happy glorious, sunny friday ya'll!

some tidbits for your enjoyment.

darling little sleep romper.

for the love of white.

pug loaf anyone?

don't we all covet a fuchsia lipstick? by givenchy. $22

kid cudi making the cuts- love this song!
*(please note, some explicit lyrics)

where i'll be in one month, with 8 fabulous women!

old world oxfords, yes please.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

stunning jewelry that makes a great gift.

perfect hat to protect from those hot sunny rays.
(i used one in Mexico and it was divine)

fabulous scents. and you can make your own combination...

have a happy weekend darlings!

down the middle


the middle part.
fug or fab?

here are some that actually work on these women...touche!




it's a hard look to pull off, so do with care and ease.
(and maybe in the privacy of your own home, before hitting the streets)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

natural beauty


lately, i've been getting ready for work in a flash.
very low maintenance needed.
and with that, i haven't been wearing anything but:
concealer, powder, blush and light mascara.
all the fuss with highlighters, eye shadow, eye liners (etc) are just becoming too much.

and surprisingly, i've received some very nice compliments from co-workers;
that i look fresh and natural and youthful.

so with that, here's to a new year of natural beauty!
a fresh face.

ladies, get your omega 3s, a good solid workout and your veggies,
and you are sure to glow.

try to lay off the layers of makeup once in a while.
(coming from experience)
it's nice to see your true face :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

more beautiful photos


that are sure to make you smile!
check them here

sunny day


after one hell of a gloom yesterday.

loving the clear skies and shining sun.
(isn't this photo just precious!?)

no beauty updates for now.
finding some serenity and inspiration in the peace and sun of today.