Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty Heat Beat: Eyeliner

In sweltering heat waves such as these in the NW ('rainy' Portland, yeah right!), lathering on eye shadow makes me hot and tired, even the thought of it. So to beat the heat while still looking your summer best, here is a tip.

Eyeliner. Yes yes and yes. Hot damn, I love eyeliner and think it is a key product that should always remain in your beauty bag. Again, you do not need to pay a lot. Rimmel and Wet n' Wild make great lines as well as the eyeliner pencils that sit next to the Sinful nail colors at the check out in Walgreens...

If you haven't noticed them before, do try. At most Walgreens, in the beauty section, there will be a check out stand with a variety of odds and ends. There is always a stack of shelves holding eyeliners in ALL shades and don't cost more than $2. Excellent!

There are two ways of utilizing these eyeliners. Dramatic and funky; Black and blue. I experiment with both. Currently, I am obsessed with blue and turquoise eyeliners and eye shadows. I will only line my bottom lid and maybe add a light gold shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes. Perfect for summer and exotic trips with very little fuss. See below; love!

The black is much bolder; your eyes will scream "Hello world!" This look below takes a little more work and practice, but it can be perfected. And sometimes, the smudge look is edgy and great for nights out on the town in heels and a mini.

But with the black pencil, start with small strokes moving outwards-- you can also make an outline of a cat eye and fill in, like you are coloring with a marker. The thicker the better. Layer and layer. Add some mascara, maybe gold in the corner of your eyes, and you're done! If you are nervous, practice this look before setting foot on the street. Wear it with confidence! See blow: just gorgeous!

And don't forget your cocktails! Relish this weather and relax with friends (which I'll be doing in Bellingham with my FAB 10+1 for a dear friends wedding)...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Congratulations, mon cheri!

A very large and extensive congrats to my dearest friend and roomie, CMac, for landing a kickin' job! After months of searching the city, this pretty little lady finally got what she desrved. In her own words, "employment rules!" Hugs and kisses! Let the celebration begin...

*And so on my shopping list, I have quite the mixed bag:

clorox (for cleaning, NOT beauty)
champagne (duh!)
lip gloss-- try Covergirl Wetslicks
hair clips-- to pull back that mess of sweaty, summer hair

Peace and love,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dying to Try: Passsss Me that Goodness

Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo. Became a cult-fave among hair stylists and you can get addicted too-- lightly spray your roots at the scalp in sections to remove grease and limp locks, while leaving your hair looking clean, full and new again!

Buyers beware: if you have dark hair, this white powdery spray will leave you looking like you hit age 65 at age 25. So definitely more for the blondes...

But totally budget friendly! Only $5.49 at most drugstores. If you can't find it in person, try

*Beauty trick tip: If you are really on a budget, take some baby powder in your hands and run through your hair to give a blonder than blonde effect and rid yourself of greasy filth...

Bee clean, little pumpkins!

Summer Sounds

Again, totally unrelated to beauty, but beauty also resides within..and if you're feelin' good on the inside, it will only shine through (so cheesy, I know). But so I digress...

For some sweet, chill, summer tunes, I LIVE on Coldplay and Missy Higgins.

Coldplay's Viva La Vida has to be one of their bests, but pop in any of their albums and you are sure to feel sexy and cool.

Missy Higgins is an Australian singer and quite the melodist. I've seen her 3 times in concert and her ballads are sultry, honest and beautiful. On a Clear Night and The Sound of White are incredible albums. Again, a sure sign to get you in the summer mood.

Do enjoy! Stay cool. xo,

Some New Favorite Essentials!

Let's face it, being a woman is quite the fiasco some days. Not all the time, and not all women deal with beauty issues (or even take the time to care), but there are parts of our beauty regime that often go overlooked, overworked, or are just plain overly frustrating.

With summer (and life) comes damaged hair and damaged skin. But here is where we can battle the summer heat beat with two of my new beauty essentials, YEAR ROUND.

For those who shave quite often or for the unfortunate women who have to deal with the pesky razor burn, bumps and brazen irritation, it leaves most of us annoyed, uncomfortable and foiled. However, I introduce to you the most effective and glorious bump beater and killer. Ladies (and gents),

Tend Skin, $33.

Tend Skin is God's gift to this green, sun beaten world. My best friend first opened my fuzzy eyes to this product in college. She deals with serious razor burn and irritation and finally discovered this baby. Her mother works for a salon and got her a great deal. Yes, it is on the spendy side, but it lasts forever. Definitely worth the splurge.

Working like a liquid toner, you only need a dab of this juice on a cotton ball. Swab and swipe where necessary--don't be timid. If you get the tiny, annoying red bumps on your legs, slab this stuff on. And don't forget about your bikini line, especially! It will tingle or burn for a quick second if you just shaved, but will immediately disappear and leave you feeling smooth and at ease. I am addicted to this stuff, mainly because of my sensitive skin.

Now this isn't just for women! Men, you can also use this for your face when shaving. It reduces redness and irritated bumps. A beauty essential for both men and women. Who woulda thought? Astonishing. You can purchase tend skin at most Sephora's, Ulta Beauty stores and most salons.

Hair is another debate for most women, especially in the summer. Like I said, heat, sun, chlorine, salt, hair dryers, straightners, curlers etc. If you are coloring your hair, it needs even more special care and attention. Like mine...

So as I searched Walgreens for a sufficient conditioner, I decided to venture out and try, yet again, a new product. OK, it is love at first try!

Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Conditioner, $6.99

Praise the lawd! This stuff is delicious and thankfully, sulfate free, meaning no stripping or tearing of your hair. Designed specifically for dry and damaged hair, this organic line is pure, not tested on animals, and enriched with antioxidants to awake the follicles of your hair and repair broken strands.

And let me not leave out the intoxicating smell; a sensual and exotic blend of fruity pomegranate and crisp green tea. No matter the condition of your hair, you can use this product without feeling weighed down or heavy. It is light and legitimate. Buy this now. I'm a follower, that's for sure.

Bee grateful for these summer days, but be sure to make yourself comfortable and healthy, both skin, hair and heart. Cheers!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Totally Unrelated to Beauty...

...but I am in love (or maybe lust?) with this gorgeous man. If you haven't seen it yet, drag your hot, little summer booty to The Hangover. Without being overly crude, you are sure to enjoy this disaster of a comedy. The added bonus is being able to stare at this hilarious hunk for 2 hours...

Ladies, load up on the lipgloss. And hello Bradley!

Eco My Ego

The idea of summer and summer scents keeps a girl happy. After gallivanting around Walgreens twice yesterday, I just kept finding more and more goodies. It was a beauty product overload!

Seeing that I probably overspent my monthly beauty allowance, I still found a beauty essential that is a must for the summer and don't forget eco friendly. The marketing is what really got me...

EcoTOOLs just added a brand new liquid collection: The Bath and Body collection coined, "a beautiful reflection on you." And boy is it true!

Not only do I love this brand for its sustainable practice and earth friendly, recycled and recyclable goodies, but their product promotion is fantastic.

Right now at Walgreens, if you purchase any products -- around $7.99--from the bath and body collection, you receive a free, eco friendly tote. It's adorable and perfect to lug around the city or to the beach. The body wash smells absolutely delicious-- a mix of citrus and floral, but light enough that it isn't overwhelming.

The entire collection is 98% from nature, paraben-free, phthalate-free, dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free to show respect for you and the planet. So in a nutshell, amazing for your skin.

To top off the Walgreens trip, I purchased an EcoTOOLs recycled aluminum travel kabuki brush for $9.99 and it feel glorious. A great tool for blending face powder and bronzer.

Yes, I'm a sucker for all things beauty. But I must say, it does a body good. Just like milk.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faux Glow

Screw the tanning beds-- welcome the fake tan! However, I'm not talking about expensive spray tans or the mystic booths. It is easy to get a glowing tan without the fuss, mess and costs of other products.

We all know I am a dire hard proponent for SPF. Holler! Tanning beds scare me. With friends and family members dealing with the harsh realities of skin cancer, I have vowed to welcome SPF with open arms and accept that I am a fair skinned woman! But with this, I do love some color.

My mother spent her adolescent and early mother years in the sun, practically 24/7. In the 70s, SPF wasn't really around and instead of lotion, they used baby oil.(yikes!) Girls would bake in the sun...but then again, the protective ozone layer was much stronger. Nevertheless, after years and years in the sun, my mother's freckles became permanent and prominent. Although BEAUTIFUL, she now faces the annoyance of sun damage. She wears SPF every day and instead of trying to fry in the sun like a chocolate chip cookie, she uses a fantastic faux tan product.

I am now hooked.

Introducing to you, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, $6.39

This stuff is like liquid gold. Instead of working like a harsh, orange fake tan, Jergens created a lotion that gradually builds into a naturally looking tan. It takes a few days to show a drastic change, but doesn't look smudged, streaky or orange. For my fair to medium skin, I use the medium shade. For those with darker skin tone, go for the bolder, dark shade. If you are like my mother, with freckles and auburn hair, use the fair shade.

It is perfect enough for any use. Arms, legs, chest, and stomach. It won't rub off on your clothing, as long as you give it a few minutes to dry and absorb, like any other body lotion. If you only want a minimal glow, mix the Jergens with your every day lotion and rub in as normal.

This faux glow is the most real looking I've tried and doesn't have nasty, overwhelming scent. It even leaves a subtle golden sheen to your skin, making it look irresistible and supple!

So don't waste your time, energy or money on tanning beds and mystic tans and maybe even the doctors office! Bee safe and wear the faux glow with pride.

Always peace, love and cheerios,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Live to Give"

My father's life motto. He is the most generous man you will probably ever meet. I grew up in a household where a generous spirit was and still is believed to take you far in life. And with this comes the act of giving..."Live to Give"

Gifts! Who doesn't love to receive presents? But sometimes, finding the right gift can be a challenge. Let's review some guilt-free beauty finds that will make perfect gifts for those you adore. Sisters, moms, friends, best friends, cousins and so on. You don't need to break the bank to show your affection. It doesn't matter if you can't afford all of these ideas-- pick one or two!

For the makeup fiend: Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Coral Cosmetic Case, $12.99

The perfect size with different sized pockets on the inside for all the goodies. Small enough for the traveler, but large enough to hold all the necessities and luxuries.

For the simplistic type: Sonia Kashuk Double Zip Foldover Costemic Bag- Floral, $9.99

An adorable print and small enough for the purse! With a price you can't beat. No luxuries in this bag-- just the ever day needs-- gloss, concealer, mascara.

For the bold: MAC Mineralized Duo Blush, $22.50

We all know my love for MAC. This blush is gorgeous-- baked in minerals to create a crystal effect on your cheeks. Layer depending on how dramatic you want the color. It will last forever and gives you two shades so you can blend perfectly to your desired tone. An awesome gift! I received this from my best friend for Christmas and I'm still using it. Touche!

For the drama queen: Sephora by OPI Digital Diva Collection, $9

OPI bumped up their collection by partnering with Sephora and creating a fantastic collection of nail colors. $9 may seem steep for a nail polish, but this stuff is like butter for your nails. Goes on evenly and smooth and rarely chips. The Digital Diva collection is great for the dramatic type-- bright and sassy.

For the free spirit: NARS Lip Lacquer, $24.00

Thick, soft and long-lasting, this lip color sits in a deep dish and gives awesome color. In a great variety of shades, it's perfect for the free spirit, individualistic. A small amount goes far. Hot pinks and deep plumbs, my favorite to give is Baby Doll or Eros, shades to match most tones.

Bee generous!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Summer is obviously all about the pedicure, among a variety of beauty necessities. Everyone wants a buffed, smoothed, filed, clean pair of footsies. In this boiling heat, one is only expected to be showing off the toes and so one must remember to keep dear care of these babies.

If you live in the Portland area and need a serious pedicure- one that cannot be salvaged at home- check out Oasis Salon and Spa on NW 21st between Flanders and Everett. $20 will get you a full soak, buff, scrub, file, deep warming leg/foot massage and polish. In all my times at the incredibly inexpensive nail spas, this is truly the best! You will get more than your money's worth.

Although I live for pedicures at salons, a simple pedicure can also be done at home. Below are the following steps and some helpful tools to create that perfect foot.

1. Soak your feet. A big bowl or tub will work for this, as well as your own bathtub. Use a gentle soap or body wash-- you can often find inexpensive pedicure soaps at Walgreens. You can also use a dab of body oil to drop in the water. Neutrogena makes a fantastic body oil that you can splash on, $8.99.

2. Buff and smooth your feet. The Ped Egg!
Join the rave. This thing is cheap and does the job. Double-sided, the Ped Egg buffs and removes cracked, dry skin. Check out their promotional website. You can also purchase the Ped Egg at most Walgreens, for only $10.

3. Save your cuticles. Again, use your oil or gentle foot soap to dab onto your cuticles and use a natural wood cuticle pusher to lengthen your nail bed. Honestly, you shouldn't cut your cuticles unless absolutely necessary. Cuticle pushers are as cheap as 75 cents, or you can get a pack of wooden pushers for a few dollars.

4. Cut and File. For those with gnarly overgrown nails, please cut. Remember do keep a square shape so as not to get ingrown nails. If your nails are an appropriate length, meaning you can't slice someone's toe off, use a simple glass file to shape the nail. Move in one direction so you do not tear or weaken the nail.

5. Polish. Be sure to remove any excess lotion, soap or oil from your nails. Take a base coat and apply a thin coat so the colored polish doesn't stain your nail. Right now, I'm obsessed with neon polish or sparkle polish (brings me back to middle school)! Sinful and Wet 'n Wild make great, cheap colors for the summer.
Think hot pink, orange, red, purple and even yellow (if you have a darker skin tone). After the color polish is dry, apply a thin top coat for shine and protection so the color doesn't chip. You don't need to spend a lot on polish. Sally Hansen makes suitable polish as well.

And you're done! Speaking of, my toes need some work....

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be sure to pretty your twinkle toes!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MAC That Ass Up!

My ultimate beauty vice; MAC. This is truly one glorious, fall-in-love with, obsessive beauty line that I cherish. If you have the extra dollars to spend, this line will give you all the necessary makeup finds, along with some unnecessary but extravagant products (just for fun)!

MAC is glamorous, but practical. Exuberant, but classic. Go over the top, or keep it simple. The line is endless! Gel eyeliners, lip glass, lip gloss, lip stick, dry shadow, cream eye shadow, highlighters, blush and no fuss, foundation, concealer, pencils, and much much more! Check the website, it's unbelievable.

Instead of going on some long-drawn explanation of where my love for MAC started and why, let's just discuss the products and let them speak for themselves.

Eye shadow, $14.50

Highly pigmented powder that blends easily. And lasts forever! Depending on the color, you can go light for work, or layer for a heavy, smolderous look.

FluidLine, $15.00

An ultra-smooth gel eye liner that is precise and dramatic. A silky finish, this pot of gel liner will last until your last days. My sister used this for her wedding day and it was gorgeous and easy to use.

Paints, $16.50

A creamy eye shadow that dries to a powder finish. Made with pearly pigments. Blend with your fingers.

Paint Pot, $16.50

Similar to the Paints, but a highly pigmented cream eye paint that leaves an intense, vibrant color that doesn't cake or crack.

Tinted LipGlass, $14.00

A high gloss, glass-like sheen that is long-lasting with subtle color. A huge variety and a summer must!

DazzleGlass, $18.00

A super shine and glimmer gloss that gives your lips an extra dimensional pop! Again, a lot of variety and subtle color, but bold enough for nights out.

Mineralize Blush, $21.00

Minerals refined into a powder that is light and sheer, but leaves a fantastic, shimmer color. The color builds with the heavier application, so you can play with a light or vibrant cheek.

Select SPF 15 Foundation, $26.00

Water-based, liquid foundation with sun protection. You only need a little to spread evenly on the entire face. A fresh and natural matte finish.

Create, experiment, and build your collection slowly. Find out what you like best. Ask a professional for your right colors. Be patient and believe in MAC. And remember, COLOR!