Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty Heat Beat: Eyeliner

In sweltering heat waves such as these in the NW ('rainy' Portland, yeah right!), lathering on eye shadow makes me hot and tired, even the thought of it. So to beat the heat while still looking your summer best, here is a tip.

Eyeliner. Yes yes and yes. Hot damn, I love eyeliner and think it is a key product that should always remain in your beauty bag. Again, you do not need to pay a lot. Rimmel and Wet n' Wild make great lines as well as the eyeliner pencils that sit next to the Sinful nail colors at the check out in Walgreens...

If you haven't noticed them before, do try. At most Walgreens, in the beauty section, there will be a check out stand with a variety of odds and ends. There is always a stack of shelves holding eyeliners in ALL shades and don't cost more than $2. Excellent!

There are two ways of utilizing these eyeliners. Dramatic and funky; Black and blue. I experiment with both. Currently, I am obsessed with blue and turquoise eyeliners and eye shadows. I will only line my bottom lid and maybe add a light gold shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes. Perfect for summer and exotic trips with very little fuss. See below; love!

The black is much bolder; your eyes will scream "Hello world!" This look below takes a little more work and practice, but it can be perfected. And sometimes, the smudge look is edgy and great for nights out on the town in heels and a mini.

But with the black pencil, start with small strokes moving outwards-- you can also make an outline of a cat eye and fill in, like you are coloring with a marker. The thicker the better. Layer and layer. Add some mascara, maybe gold in the corner of your eyes, and you're done! If you are nervous, practice this look before setting foot on the street. Wear it with confidence! See blow: just gorgeous!

And don't forget your cocktails! Relish this weather and relax with friends (which I'll be doing in Bellingham with my FAB 10+1 for a dear friends wedding)...


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  1. I LOVE the blue eyeliner on the lower lid. I'm looking for a royal/dark/turquoise blue that I can use, and that will also stay on the inside tear line on the bottom. Does that eyeliner stay on there, and what is it that you're using?