Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faux Glow

Screw the tanning beds-- welcome the fake tan! However, I'm not talking about expensive spray tans or the mystic booths. It is easy to get a glowing tan without the fuss, mess and costs of other products.

We all know I am a dire hard proponent for SPF. Holler! Tanning beds scare me. With friends and family members dealing with the harsh realities of skin cancer, I have vowed to welcome SPF with open arms and accept that I am a fair skinned woman! But with this, I do love some color.

My mother spent her adolescent and early mother years in the sun, practically 24/7. In the 70s, SPF wasn't really around and instead of lotion, they used baby oil.(yikes!) Girls would bake in the sun...but then again, the protective ozone layer was much stronger. Nevertheless, after years and years in the sun, my mother's freckles became permanent and prominent. Although BEAUTIFUL, she now faces the annoyance of sun damage. She wears SPF every day and instead of trying to fry in the sun like a chocolate chip cookie, she uses a fantastic faux tan product.

I am now hooked.

Introducing to you, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, $6.39

This stuff is like liquid gold. Instead of working like a harsh, orange fake tan, Jergens created a lotion that gradually builds into a naturally looking tan. It takes a few days to show a drastic change, but doesn't look smudged, streaky or orange. For my fair to medium skin, I use the medium shade. For those with darker skin tone, go for the bolder, dark shade. If you are like my mother, with freckles and auburn hair, use the fair shade.

It is perfect enough for any use. Arms, legs, chest, and stomach. It won't rub off on your clothing, as long as you give it a few minutes to dry and absorb, like any other body lotion. If you only want a minimal glow, mix the Jergens with your every day lotion and rub in as normal.

This faux glow is the most real looking I've tried and doesn't have nasty, overwhelming scent. It even leaves a subtle golden sheen to your skin, making it look irresistible and supple!

So don't waste your time, energy or money on tanning beds and mystic tans and maybe even the doctors office! Bee safe and wear the faux glow with pride.

Always peace, love and cheerios,

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