Thursday, May 13, 2010


hi darlings,
as this month is quickly flying by, i've decided to take a timeout from blogging.
in between work, moving, and all things life, i just can't find the 'oomph' to up and blog.
so i'm undergoing a mental blogging break for the remainder of may.
rest and recuperation.

i'll be back June 1st, with all things lux.

enjoy your sunny days and have a (early) fabulous memorial day weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



what i hate most in this world
(well... just one of my many pet peeves).
but still.
although the new condo is FRIGGIN' awesome,
i can't help but seriously dread the actual moving part.
eeeeks, wish the boy was here to help.

(plus, my world is madness as of late)
so sorry for the lack of blogness.

that's all for now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

who wants to go for a bike ride?

yup, i wanna be in one of these this summer.
biker gang.
with all my gals.
grease up those chains, ladies!
kiss kiss,
photos via

Monday, May 10, 2010

TGIF addendum


ive got something to say.

you know how i said friday was so-called 'GLORIOUS?' well... so i thought. it at least started out that way...but then, nothing seemed to go right. stupid co-workers, children being pests, apartment application issues, lack of lunch/food (i often get cranky if i wait too long), and circling my neighborhood for almost 20 minutes looking for a parking spot (arrgh!).

needless to say, i stormed into my now apartment (half in shambles), kicked off my shoes, threw my purse, ran to my bed and broke down into explosive tears. thank the LORD for the boy, as he rubbed my back in silence as i sobbed like a baby for almost 45 minutes- no joke.

however, we finished off the night with a delicious bottle (or 2) of wine and cuddled up for a movie. the rest of the weekend included signing a new kick-ass apartment lease(!), a graduation party that was off the chain, family time and sun.

and on another fun monday note, check out these itty bitty homes!
(some as small as 65 sq. ft!)
toodles xo,

Friday, May 7, 2010

TGI (heck yes) F!

i walked out of my apartment this morning, with the sun beaming (and warm!), and i couldn't help but think aloud, 'what a freaking glorious friday!' although im stuck at my work desk (with the boy at home, lounging- that bastard), i plan on atleast enjoying lunch outside, with a bike ride after work. drinks with my peeps later on. yesss'sir!
and here are some weekend links to salivate over...happy friday, ya'lls!

delicate and sweet rings
i want these types of frame walls in my next place...
babies, the movie.
palm beach chic, oh my!
sweet overview of sunglasses
i love this book cover
life vs. the iphone/blackberry
a purple picnic
NYC real estate


Thursday, May 6, 2010

hot pink and 40s

im really digging the 40s wear.

capris, high collars, tucked with belts, full and narrow skirts, polka dots etc.
both modern and traditional.
not to mention, i paired my 40s look this week with some hot pink lipstick.

wet n wild for $1.99

and it actually stays on!
believe me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Met Gala: Say what?

what say ye? mostly hideous or straight fab? i must admit, some of the dresses were absolutely grotesque, while a good chunk of lovely ladies really hit the mark. and some were just sleepers, neither here nor there. but my fave are included below- ms. sienna miller, rachel weisz, kerry washington, gisele (stunning!), diane kruger, claire danes and camilla belle.

however, let us not forget about those who were just funky...

january jones- WHAT in the world!? and she is always usually oh so gorgeous (and my girl crush).
katy perry- oh for god sake.
chloe sevigny-curious. a somewhat updated version of your normal polygamist wear?
liv tyler- no, no, no.
roasario dawson- sleeping beauty called, she wants her ridiculous dress back.
elizabath banks- you've got to be kidding me.
christina hendricks- the dress isn't that bad (plus, she's stunning), besides that weird (dead bird?) on the shoulder. but please, put your breasts away! can't you find something that doesn't suffocate your chest??
your thoughts? xo,

Monday, May 3, 2010

and we're back...


gradually trying to get into the groove of things this monday morning. blerg. it's raining and the skies are gray (but what's new lately?). my bed was wayyyy to cozy this morning and i struggled to swing my legs out of bed after a long, peaceful weekend at oceanside. plus, the boy is in town! so, i needed something bright and cheery this morning. some hot pink taffy from the coast...and this photo. i can feel summer slowly creepin' up on me. please, just get here already!

(happy?) monday, lovelies! xo,