Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Met Gala: Say what?

what say ye? mostly hideous or straight fab? i must admit, some of the dresses were absolutely grotesque, while a good chunk of lovely ladies really hit the mark. and some were just sleepers, neither here nor there. but my fave are included below- ms. sienna miller, rachel weisz, kerry washington, gisele (stunning!), diane kruger, claire danes and camilla belle.

however, let us not forget about those who were just funky...

january jones- WHAT in the world!? and she is always usually oh so gorgeous (and my girl crush).
katy perry- oh for god sake.
chloe sevigny-curious. a somewhat updated version of your normal polygamist wear?
liv tyler- no, no, no.
roasario dawson- sleeping beauty called, she wants her ridiculous dress back.
elizabath banks- you've got to be kidding me.
christina hendricks- the dress isn't that bad (plus, she's stunning), besides that weird (dead bird?) on the shoulder. but please, put your breasts away! can't you find something that doesn't suffocate your chest??
your thoughts? xo,


  1. I am so with you, except with Ms. Hendricks. I have ones like her, and NO - it is very hard to do. And she has stylist helping her....I hope enough people bring attention to her overwhelming chest so maybe, perhaps, fingers crossed, they (the fashion industry) will create lots o stuff that contain, and not suffocate, our ladies!!!!!! Great list....what the heck is January doing? She is so pretty. Less is more honey child...