Monday, May 10, 2010

TGIF addendum


ive got something to say.

you know how i said friday was so-called 'GLORIOUS?' well... so i thought. it at least started out that way...but then, nothing seemed to go right. stupid co-workers, children being pests, apartment application issues, lack of lunch/food (i often get cranky if i wait too long), and circling my neighborhood for almost 20 minutes looking for a parking spot (arrgh!).

needless to say, i stormed into my now apartment (half in shambles), kicked off my shoes, threw my purse, ran to my bed and broke down into explosive tears. thank the LORD for the boy, as he rubbed my back in silence as i sobbed like a baby for almost 45 minutes- no joke.

however, we finished off the night with a delicious bottle (or 2) of wine and cuddled up for a movie. the rest of the weekend included signing a new kick-ass apartment lease(!), a graduation party that was off the chain, family time and sun.

and on another fun monday note, check out these itty bitty homes!
(some as small as 65 sq. ft!)
toodles xo,


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry for the stressful Friday, but it sounds like the weekend turned out to be a success!

  2. Oh, that's why you didn't call me back Friday after work--you were busy crying :)