Monday, June 28, 2010

One Piece Monday

Gooooooood morning dearest chickadees! Happy Monday. I'm, oddly enough, feeling bright and energetic this Monday (what a change from last week). Anyhoots, looking fwd to a week full of activities, good drink, and even better company. I'm also on the hunt for a fabulous one piece swimsuit. I absolutely adore the cheetah print...any ideas?
Kiss kiss,
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday: Tidbits at last

since i've been a total blogger slacker, i thought i would pass along my friday tidbit links that have been missing for ever so long. it's friday and we can't complain (especially since i have half-days on fridays at work for the rest of the summer!). sunny skies are in the forecast, a house party, bike rides and sleeping in are all on my to-do list. here are some summer faves:

these are why i wish i didn't have 20/20 vision
gorgeous dress (and shot).
a tiger pooch? precious.
gold pomade for your hair-divine!
macaroons, please.
darling work space.
the perfect leather bag.
je t'aime cards.
the most delicious candles in the world.

any special plans for your weekend? kick back and relax, friends! Toodles xo,

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wednesday: : loveliness

how lovely is this shot? (although somewhat 'out of season' for right now). but that die for. it's finally feeling like the summer months here in the NW; warm air, sunny skies and ice cream galore. much too much going on at work this week, so i will try to post when i can. otherwise, wear your spf and enjoy the loveliness this week!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

sisters + a long weekend

paris, 2009 with mine seestars. ah, love.

ready for a sister reunion + a long and languid weekend! brunches, bbqs, shopping and maybe a picnic here and there (although, no horsebike riding). i cannot wait to kick off the work shoes, pour a glass of wine, and wear my sunnies with my favorite peeps.

hope you all enjoy a glorious weekend!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

coral crushes

i've got a thing. a thing for lipstick. not that i wear it all that often, but when i come across a fabu color, it usually makes it way into my purse/makeup bag. i have an entire diddy bag devoted to just my lip gloss, lipstick, liners, lip pens and lip crayons. matte, glossy, red, purple and pink. i've pretty much got 'em all. and now...i'm onto the orange ones. my skin may not be the best fit for the orange tones, however, you can mix and play with many. although it's rainy cats and dogs outside my pathetic excuse for a window at work, these colors evoke the meaning of summer.
one affordable shtick i do recommend:

Maybelline's Coral Crush, $6
a delightful blend of red and orange.
try it out!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

bangs + bows


a pretty combination of class, spunk and elegance.
yes and yes.

oh hey there, monday!


and here we are, lovelies...the sun has risen again. monday! after a weekend of graduation events, family time (+ an awesome bbq), a very long bike ride (with a sunburn to match), pool time with the gals, finished with a massive grocery run and movie time, im a slow sack of potatoes today. hope you had a wonderful weekend full of adventure and sunshine! xo,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Tidbits: Loving...

this ensemble
(Ooo la la paree!)

these moth photos

this tattoo

this phrase
her bangs

these shoes

this photo
(and her blog)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

er, wait...

{via 13 bees}
i'm back for just a hot minute. i.WANT.this.dress. what a spectacular summer frock.
touche, Madewell.

and she's out!

this little chickadee woke up this morning and is sadly, out for the count. very sick. damn.
why oh why summer do you always give me this killer cold/flu!?
i'll be back when i have the strength and mental capacity ;)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

and happy 200th (belated) post to me!

(i actually have 202 posts), but still!
i didn't even realize! how the year has gone so quickly.
happy 200th post to all the bloggers out there.
i love all your work, ideas and humor,
and many thanks to all my dear readers!

hugs and kisses,
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snow white heel

i adore adore these saucy yet sweet heels.
plus, the uber skinny 80s jeans don't look too shabby either.
what a lovely mix.
me thinks i need a pair.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i'm a sucker...

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...for trying new products. hence, the birth of this blog. so while i had the monday blues at work (don't we all, some days?) i decided to take a trip over to my beloved walgreens for an update to my makeup bag. i've been dying to try some certain goodies.

and here they are (click on the product titles below to see more)... plus, i signed up for the rewards card (not a credit card- god knows i dont need any more of those) and i saved almost $30! yeah.

Revlon Spa Illuminator (in light pink face), $12
perfectly serves as a light coverup and spf lotion, for the days you don't want to pile on the foundation.
gives gorgeous shimmer but nothing over the top.

safe and nourishing minerals for the face with a blend of pinks and browns for any face.
doesn't go on heavy or cakey- you can really add layers of this without looking like jersey shores.

im a MAC addict, however, sometimes i just can't shell out the dough. ive been craving a good, nude/pink gloss that is thick and glossy. well ladies, this is it. perfect for all skin types, even you olive ones.

i have yet to try this gem, however, i know im a huge fan of anything loose and full of natural ingredients. mix this with my revlon illuminator and im sure to have glowing summer skin. i'll get back on this one.

a mini jar with creamy (but substantial) concealer on top, with illuminating finishing powder underneath.
blends easily and gives full coverage- the soft illuminating powder gives a nifty reflecting light under the eyes so you don't look so dead. i also added this around my cheek bones. use before and after foundation powder if you wish.

There is something to be said about simplicity and a natural face. However, sometimes a girls just gotta spruce it up. I decided to stick with Revlon and Neutrogena for a few reasons:

1. Neutrogena is always natural looking, soft and predictable. I never break out with this stuff and it is never heavy.
2. Revlon has some good ish right now! nicely done.
3. Both Revlon and Neutrogena were having savings- buy one, get the other 50% off (how could i resist?)

so instead of spending almost $100 on products like these at say, MAC or Bobbi Brown, try your local walgreens for about $42.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Dreams

Good morning, lovelies. Monday is here, yet again. Shall we take a little daydream trip to mexico? Sand, sea and freckles. Not to mention this gorgeous retreat! mmm...sounds divine right about now. more later! xo,
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Friday, June 4, 2010

TGIF: Tiiu Kuik

while it may seem like march here in portland (!?!) i can't help but dream of the summer heat in mexico. these gorgeous shots are a perfect mix of tough black, strong lines, and ridiculous beauty. i'm adoring the pink bronze eyes, thick black eyeliner and her stupidly long legs. jeals.

most excited that it's friday! plans include the zoo brew with my favorite peeps (whilst completely covered in a long, rain jacket- sigh) and finishing up condo decor. i hope your weekend includes more swimwear and sun than mine will...

cheers xo.