Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i'm a sucker...

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...for trying new products. hence, the birth of this blog. so while i had the monday blues at work (don't we all, some days?) i decided to take a trip over to my beloved walgreens for an update to my makeup bag. i've been dying to try some certain goodies.

and here they are (click on the product titles below to see more)... plus, i signed up for the rewards card (not a credit card- god knows i dont need any more of those) and i saved almost $30! yeah.

Revlon Spa Illuminator (in light pink face), $12
perfectly serves as a light coverup and spf lotion, for the days you don't want to pile on the foundation.
gives gorgeous shimmer but nothing over the top.

safe and nourishing minerals for the face with a blend of pinks and browns for any face.
doesn't go on heavy or cakey- you can really add layers of this without looking like jersey shores.

im a MAC addict, however, sometimes i just can't shell out the dough. ive been craving a good, nude/pink gloss that is thick and glossy. well ladies, this is it. perfect for all skin types, even you olive ones.

i have yet to try this gem, however, i know im a huge fan of anything loose and full of natural ingredients. mix this with my revlon illuminator and im sure to have glowing summer skin. i'll get back on this one.

a mini jar with creamy (but substantial) concealer on top, with illuminating finishing powder underneath.
blends easily and gives full coverage- the soft illuminating powder gives a nifty reflecting light under the eyes so you don't look so dead. i also added this around my cheek bones. use before and after foundation powder if you wish.

There is something to be said about simplicity and a natural face. However, sometimes a girls just gotta spruce it up. I decided to stick with Revlon and Neutrogena for a few reasons:

1. Neutrogena is always natural looking, soft and predictable. I never break out with this stuff and it is never heavy.
2. Revlon has some good ish right now! nicely done.
3. Both Revlon and Neutrogena were having savings- buy one, get the other 50% off (how could i resist?)

so instead of spending almost $100 on products like these at say, MAC or Bobbi Brown, try your local walgreens for about $42.



  1. Ohh let me know which you like. I need a good make up bag revamp.

  2. Ooh thanks for the review! I will have to check out that lip gloss. Still on the hunt for a new one that I can wear daily :)