Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Darlings, I'm back!

hooty hoo, sweet ones!

dearest readers, i.am.back. from the depths of overstuffed boxes and bubble wrap.
the move is over (thank the heavens above!), i've got some serious bruises and scrapes,
and the boy arrives in just a few hours (heeeeee!).
still sorting through all my crap, however, it feels oh so wonderful to be done!
plus, the 'must have/need for the condo' list has begun. yikes. there is a lot.
taking inspriration from all my favorite design blogs (if only i had unlimited funds) ;)

but for now, here are some fave finds and images that are so cooler than me.
happy monday!
i love this gingham skirt.

beauty at its best! she looks amazing, even 30 years later.

mmm cotton candy (my dentist would not be happy with me).

i adore this kitchen (and entire place!)

precious black diamond ring.

awesome posters (i have portland and the great lakes- for the boy).

i heart this blouse.

badass cliffside homes!


images via tumblr and some unknown (sorry).


  1. Those wedges are effin fab! And so is Ms. Streep. Love ORK and those cloffside homes...really?! So jealous. Hope you settle in quick.