Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday: Tidbits at last

since i've been a total blogger slacker, i thought i would pass along my friday tidbit links that have been missing for ever so long. it's friday and we can't complain (especially since i have half-days on fridays at work for the rest of the summer!). sunny skies are in the forecast, a house party, bike rides and sleeping in are all on my to-do list. here are some summer faves:

these are why i wish i didn't have 20/20 vision
gorgeous dress (and shot).
a tiger pooch? precious.
gold pomade for your hair-divine!
macaroons, please.
darling work space.
the perfect leather bag.
je t'aime cards.
the most delicious candles in the world.

any special plans for your weekend? kick back and relax, friends! Toodles xo,

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  1. Good find on that bag, his whole line is adorable.

  2. im in the same boat as you for eye wear! i totally wish i could wear glasses! so cute :)