Friday, February 11, 2011

bidding adieu

hey there everyone! TGIF. hoping everyone has a lovely, scrumptious weekend ahead of them. i've decided to take a break from bee lux...i'm losing some steam and haven't felt those most literary lately. but! you can still follow me here, if you are at all interested in some tid bits, ramblings, and straight up rad photos.

buckets of love! xo,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

and another thing...

i ordered a new swimsuit from VS. an adorable neon coral with black polka dots. so stoked. and then, i got it in the mail. pretty cute on. but i was somewhat dismayed. then the boy came over and could tell from my lackluster expression that i was less than pleased. so he proceeds: "are you disappointed because Miranda Kerr didn't come with the swimsuit too?"....


a random thought...

"This morning I was initiated into the unofficial “Fight Club” by my boxing instructor. He gave me this mini Everlast keychain! 6:30am may be a little early for upper cuts, but it’s such a great way to channel your inner Balboa – dispatch any angst you might have towards an ex-lover, high school mean girl, 57 inches of Winter snow-to-date…you know, the usual."
i want to take up boxing. not the kind where i will actually have to hit someone, but really just for the vigorous workout, the channeling of my inner energy (*cough* rage), or hey, maybe i want to be mark wahlberg from the fighter? so what's it to ya!? either way, i thought this post was great inspiration that any girly girl can come face to face with her inner Rocky. Your thoughts?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

got to try

doesn't it look yummy? with spf, thank'ya very much. gotta have it. $22.50. i also purchased this little goody recently...can you tell i'm just a tad obsessed with anything related to lips? in other important news, all i want to be doing is reading whilst wearing stripes. next to a wall of windows. in the sun. mmm yessss...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

short hair monday

happy workin' monday, friends! isn't she darling? makes me want to cut my hair all over again. and i love her gold nails. hope you had a lovely, restful weekend. more later, xo
ps. i want this watch. so delicate and fun, and you can choose a variety of band colors!
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

the weekend

it's almost over, but it's been pretty damn fab. xo

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday happs

hi friends, happy day before friday! i've had a pretty unproductive day butttt.... we got new, super chic desks at work and im so stoked. is that sad? they have orange corkboards! either way, looking forward to leaving work (any minute now), relaxing, getting ready for the UP v Gonzaga basketball game (GO PILOTS!), & hanging with the best friends in the world with wine, beer and dogs (as in hotdogs).

also, im looking for a new gym bag, so see my beautiful friend KC's post over at Thrifty Solutions!

peace, xo
*i apologize, can't remember the photo credit!