Tuesday, February 1, 2011

skin wipes

as i wandered target for almost two hours on sunday with no distinct purchase (or purpose) in mind, i stumbled (literally, stumbled over a basket in the beauty isle) upon these wipes...

Giovanni Organic Towelettes. Sanitary wipes for de-germing; post workout, after traveling on planes, trains and automobiles (you know that icky, sweaty, sticky feeling), or wrapping up a long night out when you have little motivation to use your arms or turn on the faucet. They are biodegradable, safe for all skin types and full of natural oils. I bought them in the travel size (6 pack for $3 at target) for my upcoming travels...and because I'm a sucker for anything in neat, small packaging that invites travel and convenience. In refreshing scents of grapefruit splash, energizing scents of peppermint surge and calming lavendar. xo,

photo 1

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  1. Ooooh! I'll definitely have to try! I've used Giovanni shampoo/conditioner and remember LOVING the energizing minty scent :)