Thursday, February 10, 2011

a random thought...

"This morning I was initiated into the unofficial “Fight Club” by my boxing instructor. He gave me this mini Everlast keychain! 6:30am may be a little early for upper cuts, but it’s such a great way to channel your inner Balboa – dispatch any angst you might have towards an ex-lover, high school mean girl, 57 inches of Winter snow-to-date…you know, the usual."
i want to take up boxing. not the kind where i will actually have to hit someone, but really just for the vigorous workout, the channeling of my inner energy (*cough* rage), or hey, maybe i want to be mark wahlberg from the fighter? so what's it to ya!? either way, i thought this post was great inspiration that any girly girl can come face to face with her inner Rocky. Your thoughts?

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  1. Haha! I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I jump rope at the gym, and it always makes me want to try boxing. I feel like it's such a good workout!

  2. Agreed. I think we'd all probably suffer less from migraines and road rage, AND we'd change a whole generation of Harringtons who actually have patience! Bahaha. I'll do it with you. Darn, you live in a different state.