Tuesday, June 15, 2010

coral crushes

i've got a thing. a thing for lipstick. not that i wear it all that often, but when i come across a fabu color, it usually makes it way into my purse/makeup bag. i have an entire diddy bag devoted to just my lip gloss, lipstick, liners, lip pens and lip crayons. matte, glossy, red, purple and pink. i've pretty much got 'em all. and now...i'm onto the orange ones. my skin may not be the best fit for the orange tones, however, you can mix and play with many. although it's rainy cats and dogs outside my pathetic excuse for a window at work, these colors evoke the meaning of summer.
one affordable shtick i do recommend:

Maybelline's Coral Crush, $6
a delightful blend of red and orange.
try it out!
images via models

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