Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some New Favorite Essentials!

Let's face it, being a woman is quite the fiasco some days. Not all the time, and not all women deal with beauty issues (or even take the time to care), but there are parts of our beauty regime that often go overlooked, overworked, or are just plain overly frustrating.

With summer (and life) comes damaged hair and damaged skin. But here is where we can battle the summer heat beat with two of my new beauty essentials, YEAR ROUND.

For those who shave quite often or for the unfortunate women who have to deal with the pesky razor burn, bumps and brazen irritation, it leaves most of us annoyed, uncomfortable and foiled. However, I introduce to you the most effective and glorious bump beater and killer. Ladies (and gents),

Tend Skin, $33.

Tend Skin is God's gift to this green, sun beaten world. My best friend first opened my fuzzy eyes to this product in college. She deals with serious razor burn and irritation and finally discovered this baby. Her mother works for a salon and got her a great deal. Yes, it is on the spendy side, but it lasts forever. Definitely worth the splurge.

Working like a liquid toner, you only need a dab of this juice on a cotton ball. Swab and swipe where necessary--don't be timid. If you get the tiny, annoying red bumps on your legs, slab this stuff on. And don't forget about your bikini line, especially! It will tingle or burn for a quick second if you just shaved, but will immediately disappear and leave you feeling smooth and at ease. I am addicted to this stuff, mainly because of my sensitive skin.

Now this isn't just for women! Men, you can also use this for your face when shaving. It reduces redness and irritated bumps. A beauty essential for both men and women. Who woulda thought? Astonishing. You can purchase tend skin at most Sephora's, Ulta Beauty stores and most salons.

Hair is another debate for most women, especially in the summer. Like I said, heat, sun, chlorine, salt, hair dryers, straightners, curlers etc. If you are coloring your hair, it needs even more special care and attention. Like mine...

So as I searched Walgreens for a sufficient conditioner, I decided to venture out and try, yet again, a new product. OK, it is love at first try!

Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Conditioner, $6.99

Praise the lawd! This stuff is delicious and thankfully, sulfate free, meaning no stripping or tearing of your hair. Designed specifically for dry and damaged hair, this organic line is pure, not tested on animals, and enriched with antioxidants to awake the follicles of your hair and repair broken strands.

And let me not leave out the intoxicating smell; a sensual and exotic blend of fruity pomegranate and crisp green tea. No matter the condition of your hair, you can use this product without feeling weighed down or heavy. It is light and legitimate. Buy this now. I'm a follower, that's for sure.

Bee grateful for these summer days, but be sure to make yourself comfortable and healthy, both skin, hair and heart. Cheers!


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