Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MAC That Ass Up!

My ultimate beauty vice; MAC. This is truly one glorious, fall-in-love with, obsessive beauty line that I cherish. If you have the extra dollars to spend, this line will give you all the necessary makeup finds, along with some unnecessary but extravagant products (just for fun)!

MAC is glamorous, but practical. Exuberant, but classic. Go over the top, or keep it simple. The line is endless! Gel eyeliners, lip glass, lip gloss, lip stick, dry shadow, cream eye shadow, highlighters, blush and no fuss, foundation, concealer, pencils, and much much more! Check the website, it's unbelievable.

Instead of going on some long-drawn explanation of where my love for MAC started and why, let's just discuss the products and let them speak for themselves.

Eye shadow, $14.50

Highly pigmented powder that blends easily. And lasts forever! Depending on the color, you can go light for work, or layer for a heavy, smolderous look.

FluidLine, $15.00

An ultra-smooth gel eye liner that is precise and dramatic. A silky finish, this pot of gel liner will last until your last days. My sister used this for her wedding day and it was gorgeous and easy to use.

Paints, $16.50

A creamy eye shadow that dries to a powder finish. Made with pearly pigments. Blend with your fingers.

Paint Pot, $16.50

Similar to the Paints, but a highly pigmented cream eye paint that leaves an intense, vibrant color that doesn't cake or crack.

Tinted LipGlass, $14.00

A high gloss, glass-like sheen that is long-lasting with subtle color. A huge variety and a summer must!

DazzleGlass, $18.00

A super shine and glimmer gloss that gives your lips an extra dimensional pop! Again, a lot of variety and subtle color, but bold enough for nights out.

Mineralize Blush, $21.00

Minerals refined into a powder that is light and sheer, but leaves a fantastic, shimmer color. The color builds with the heavier application, so you can play with a light or vibrant cheek.

Select SPF 15 Foundation, $26.00

Water-based, liquid foundation with sun protection. You only need a little to spread evenly on the entire face. A fresh and natural matte finish.

Create, experiment, and build your collection slowly. Find out what you like best. Ask a professional for your right colors. Be patient and believe in MAC. And remember, COLOR!


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