Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Summer is obviously all about the pedicure, among a variety of beauty necessities. Everyone wants a buffed, smoothed, filed, clean pair of footsies. In this boiling heat, one is only expected to be showing off the toes and so one must remember to keep dear care of these babies.

If you live in the Portland area and need a serious pedicure- one that cannot be salvaged at home- check out Oasis Salon and Spa on NW 21st between Flanders and Everett. $20 will get you a full soak, buff, scrub, file, deep warming leg/foot massage and polish. In all my times at the incredibly inexpensive nail spas, this is truly the best! You will get more than your money's worth.

Although I live for pedicures at salons, a simple pedicure can also be done at home. Below are the following steps and some helpful tools to create that perfect foot.

1. Soak your feet. A big bowl or tub will work for this, as well as your own bathtub. Use a gentle soap or body wash-- you can often find inexpensive pedicure soaps at Walgreens. You can also use a dab of body oil to drop in the water. Neutrogena makes a fantastic body oil that you can splash on, $8.99.

2. Buff and smooth your feet. The Ped Egg!
Join the rave. This thing is cheap and does the job. Double-sided, the Ped Egg buffs and removes cracked, dry skin. Check out their promotional website. You can also purchase the Ped Egg at most Walgreens, for only $10.

3. Save your cuticles. Again, use your oil or gentle foot soap to dab onto your cuticles and use a natural wood cuticle pusher to lengthen your nail bed. Honestly, you shouldn't cut your cuticles unless absolutely necessary. Cuticle pushers are as cheap as 75 cents, or you can get a pack of wooden pushers for a few dollars.

4. Cut and File. For those with gnarly overgrown nails, please cut. Remember do keep a square shape so as not to get ingrown nails. If your nails are an appropriate length, meaning you can't slice someone's toe off, use a simple glass file to shape the nail. Move in one direction so you do not tear or weaken the nail.

5. Polish. Be sure to remove any excess lotion, soap or oil from your nails. Take a base coat and apply a thin coat so the colored polish doesn't stain your nail. Right now, I'm obsessed with neon polish or sparkle polish (brings me back to middle school)! Sinful and Wet 'n Wild make great, cheap colors for the summer.
Think hot pink, orange, red, purple and even yellow (if you have a darker skin tone). After the color polish is dry, apply a thin top coat for shine and protection so the color doesn't chip. You don't need to spend a lot on polish. Sally Hansen makes suitable polish as well.

And you're done! Speaking of, my toes need some work....

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be sure to pretty your twinkle toes!

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