Monday, November 16, 2009

Blooms Day


In such blistery weather (hello, WIND!), a girl can't help but desire the comfiest and coziest items to amp up a somewhat dull winter outfit.

I am fixated on the whole crocheted, knitted, oversized beanie hat look. Really, it is my save the hair, no time to style, haven't washed in days, go-to method.

But as I perused Forever21 this weekend for some cheap finds, I spotted a young lady with the most adorable mango colored crocheted beanie with a flower rosette. OK, too cute!
Alas, not to be found at Forever.

But for those who don't want the whole beanie look, I've found another fabulous beauty find from Anthropologie that is sure to inspire! Plus, another added bonus besides a killer look is the warmth for your ears!

Blustery Bloom Headwrap, $24


Wear with crazy curls, a sweet ballerina bun, or slick straight locks.


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