Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hello, lovelies!

im here again. sorry for the hiatus; haven't had a moment to sit down and breathe. while im laying low at home feeling under the weather, still very full from stuffing my face this past holiday weekend, thought i would disclose all things making my happy and thankful right now. and feeling festive- here comes December!

1. my cozy bedroom- whether it is a mess or perfectly tidy, i love crawling in with my full and heavy down comforter, soft sheets with a candle and book. (wish it only looked like this) ;) or waking up so warm and relaxed from a cat nap or that perfect night sleep.

2. snowy travels.

3. jewels and trinkets

4. delicious candles- especially these from anthropologie.

5. holiday reds and holiday spirit.

6. books, books, and more books. im running out of room and my list/collection keeps growing...

7. love.

8. soy lattes and sequins.

9. memories (and day dreaming) of paris

what's making you happy right now?
happy holidays, my dears.


1 comment:

  1. definitely all things sparkly make me happy now! from white lights to a sequined skirt, I am loving some glitz! Hope you feel better soon!