Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Beauty Buy #2

Friends, so sorry. Yesterday was insane and I didn't have one second of down time to post my #2 favorite for the (holi)day. So we resume here...

#2- Glow town! If you remember, last year, I posted about Josie Maran's all natural, organic line of skin care and make-up. But, I was a total fail- never even tried the stuff, although I was really dying to see what all the rave was about...well, m'friends.... my sister finally said that her argan oil was spectacular and that I must purchase a bottle. I gave it a chance and have been using for about a month. and let me tell you, I am a total convert! I use a dime size (or less) on my face and neck morning and night. A lightweight oil that isn't greasy and full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Tones and firms; reduces wrinkles, redness and other forms of skin annoyances. You can also use this on your cuticles, body and hair! (i've tried it everywhere, practically).

Josie's .7 oz bottle is $14 and lasts! But you can get the 2.1 oz for $48. My other sweet sister, however, purchased a generic bottle of simple argan oil at her local all-natural food store and it does the same trick; a 3.2 oz for only $20! So don't be afraid to search.

Purchase at Sephora or online.

Toodles! xo,
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