Friday, March 26, 2010

feels like a friday night. {or an arby's night?}


my best friends family used to say (while trying to decide on a place to eat),
"Feels like an arby's night, ya?"

but, i digress.
i have nothing to write about concerning arby's.
i just love the quip from D's family.

and so i continue.
the weekend has arrived and im itching to get out of this office.

working on a school clean-up day for most of my saturday afternoon,
but we're topping off the evening with Ladies Poker Night.
most excited!

i hope your weekend treats you well
and here are some tidbits from around the web for your viewing pleasure.

seriously IN LOVE with this orange tablescape!

revlon face illuminator- i'll take it.

precious forts.

i think i would really enjoy northern spain (even though im a beach girl at heart)

this blog is my fave (and she has a wicked sense of humor)

darling coat and sunnies

blue hair, anyone? somehow it works on her...

i adore everything in this photo (and the blog ain't too bad either)

miss padgett hoke's darling etsy shop!

i smelled it, and i like it! very much.

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  1. you are so wonderful! thank you for the shout out! love the ballerina lady! have a most fantastic weekend!