Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Love of Friday (and bacon)

excellent way of thinking and my motto

yay for friday!
i have no real plans besides the farmer's market and some relaxing.
but that is good enough for me.
(and catching up on the last 2 seasons of FNL, duh).

but i hope everyone else is able to relish in a sunny, relaxing weekend as well.
so, a few tidbits of enjoyment for you, my lovely readers...


darling stamps (and blog!)
love these illustrations for a mexican wedding
winner of the $258 million powerball!
typography by cute
my recent summer purchase (with orange monogram)
adorable baby blog/shop (if only i could read french!)
simply gorgeous
funkadelic swimmers
hello, library! mm i love this.
spring floral tights!
creative bus stops

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