Monday, April 19, 2010

Jemma Doesn't Kidd

i may not usually have under eye bags (im not saying never),
but i do have dark/discolored under eyes on the reg.
generally, a pinky purple under eye, which is so tedious and annoying to correct.
(damn all you even toned skin people).

therefore, while perusing the makeup isles at target, i came across this gem-
Mannequin Skin Brightener and Concealer Duo, $12
by Jemma Kidd


use the highlighter first to give your under eye sheen and illumination.
the stick concealer (i use 01 fair mid) goes on smooth and creamy for a matte perfect finish.
wonderful coverage. just add powder and the match is uncanning.

i love it!
try it for yourself...


  1. I think I have bags under my eyes, and circles, but not really dark circles.. It's hard to explain. Either way though, I don't often try to hide it. I mean, if I was made this way, then I shouldn't be ashamed to look like this!

    This would be a good idea though for a occasion where I'd like to look amazing. :)

  2. that first picture rocks :) xx