Wednesday, July 7, 2010

and the heat is on!

+ wildfox

there is a heat advisory in portland today. and it's supposed to be 100* tomorrow. well well...from 60* to 97*, summer in the NW has surely arrived, my people. i biked to work today (yes, on my must-do summer list, check please!) and a pleasant (not!) streak of sweat begin to develop under my bangs whilst i was wearing my helmet, peddling up this godforsaken demon of a hill, while trying to catch my breath and dodge oncoming cars. now, i probably don't smell my best and my sweatproof makeup is not so sweatproof anymore, but hey, there is practically no one in the building today and FINALLY, i can feel (hear?) the heat searing the sidewalk. but i digress- really, who wouldn't love to be lazily laying in a meadow with nothing to do but nap and drink bubbly (and in gorgeous white frocks)? that's what i call my reality.
and maybe i miss my blonde hair? (but that's a subject entirely of its own).

stay cool, friends!


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  1. Love the new blog look and fabulous photos! stay cool!