Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello, friends.

hi there. my name is beebs and im a stripe-aholic.
call me crazy, but i just can't get enough. stripes stripes and more stripes. (clothing, decor and accessories). but i digress. to follow my dear friend over at mangia, i thought i would write myself a little summer must-do list. here goes.

eat the best burger in town.
learn how to paddle board (and sail and wakeboard...ok, all water sports)
go berry picking. and eat lots of fruit.
bike to work a few times a month (+)
check off 5 books from my summer reading list (whilst in the sun!)
take lots of pictures (and frame them).
stop biting my nails.
procure more striped items in my wardrobe.
wear plenty of sunscreen (no burns this summer, please!)
vacay at the oregon coast.
go antiquing like a mad woman.
find my next perfect perfume.

what about your summer must-do's? any beauty must haves?

images: 1 dress design & decor/ 2&4 pics and models/ 3 sacramento street


  1. I am so obsessed with stripes! Cannot get enough :)

    Thanks for your comment on my YBB Summer Essentials post! Def on my list is to read some books off my summer reading list!

    Happy long weekend!

  2. Great list! I must make one as well!

  3. Jaime- thanks for stopping by! Love your blog...I also picked up even more summer reads.

    KC- yes, make your list! I can almost check off 2 from it :)

  4. FlowerBomb by Victor and Rolf should be your new perfume.
    To die for.