Friday, April 30, 2010

happy {beach} weekend!

yes, i'm outta here, darlings!
(well..more like 6 hours from now) but still.
oceanside beach with the beeches!

delicious meals,
sex and the city,
nail polish,
frisbee with my toes in the sand.

can't you just hear those waves crashing and the smell salt in your hair?

i'll post my favorite links on monday.
have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Things

just some randoms i came across today that brought a smile to my face...
some extra sweetness.
happy hump day, darlings!


love these balloons for a country wedding.

for the urban biker, ha!

who doesn't dream of some purple doors!?
story of my life!


i need a little book of wishes...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mr. elephant!

a coworker of mine was wearing this (tiny) charm necklace yesterday
and i absolutely LOVE.
i want.
(from Twist by designers Me & Ro)

mmm k, that's it.

Josie Does Organic


josie maran (model and entrepreneur) has a fantastic organic makeup line that i have been dying to try. from natural oils, to skin perfect bronzer and ethereal shadows, she seems to have a beautiful and delicate vision for the female face. nothing overly dramatic- only soft femininity. plus, none of those toxic chemicals that come with the makeup we love so much (sad).

not the most frugal of finds, however, spending an itty bitty more for natural and safe products is worth my extra, hard earned dollar ($$) bills.

summer set for 2010

tinted moisturizer, $38
natural volume lip gloss is precious, $20
eyeshadow in cinnamon, $20
argan oil, $48

im especially interested in experimenting with the argan oil- lightweight and safe for your face as a daily moisturizer, hair (split ends, gag) and cuticles. sounds devoooon!

Monday, April 26, 2010

it's monday, and that's about it.

(oh how i wish i were doing this right about now...)
yep, it's monday folks.
and besides pushing through this mundane day with as much zeal as a hypnotized sloth,
im very much looking forward to tonight's Taste of the Nation.

50 of Portland's best restaurants, wineries and breweries.

Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Love of Friday (and bacon)

excellent way of thinking and my motto

yay for friday!
i have no real plans besides the farmer's market and some relaxing.
but that is good enough for me.
(and catching up on the last 2 seasons of FNL, duh).

but i hope everyone else is able to relish in a sunny, relaxing weekend as well.
so, a few tidbits of enjoyment for you, my lovely readers...


darling stamps (and blog!)
love these illustrations for a mexican wedding
winner of the $258 million powerball!
typography by cute
my recent summer purchase (with orange monogram)
adorable baby blog/shop (if only i could read french!)
simply gorgeous
funkadelic swimmers
hello, library! mm i love this.
spring floral tights!
creative bus stops

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If a pug can do it...

happy thursday, darlings!
and a very happy EARTH day.
although i hate to admit, im not the perfectly 'green' city girl around...but on a day like today, i need to remind myself to give a little daily love for this place we call home.
no bottled water, short showers, lights off etc.

but alright, enough of me preaching.
im not trying to be all sanctimonious on your ass.

i do have to share with you this darling earth day video
(and this pug is just a gem)!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On My Mind

bursting at the seams in anticipation of SATC2!

(&) loving carrie's apartment room

hating this dry shampoo (huge fail- explained further at YBB)

wanting a new swimsuit

purring over my current perfume (burberry weekend)

dreaming of vacation in Oahu (2 yrs and counting...)

spending wayyy to many hours watching Friday Night Lights and Glee

needing some more yoga fits (lucy)

and so on and so on...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

and how precious are these little guys!?

makes my heart melt....oooooof.
happy monday, darlings!

Jemma Doesn't Kidd

i may not usually have under eye bags (im not saying never),
but i do have dark/discolored under eyes on the reg.
generally, a pinky purple under eye, which is so tedious and annoying to correct.
(damn all you even toned skin people).

therefore, while perusing the makeup isles at target, i came across this gem-
Mannequin Skin Brightener and Concealer Duo, $12
by Jemma Kidd


use the highlighter first to give your under eye sheen and illumination.
the stick concealer (i use 01 fair mid) goes on smooth and creamy for a matte perfect finish.
wonderful coverage. just add powder and the match is uncanning.

i love it!
try it for yourself...

Friday, April 16, 2010

{Thankfully Friday} Tidbits

while this work week was somewhat (or very) disappointing,
ive spent many of my nights cruising on my bike and hanging with the girls.
im also looking fwd to a delightful dinner tonight and possibly a good flick.
but for now, here are my tidbits for the day.
amuser! (enjoy!)
a darling lunch bag- i need this.
i love her.
pomme photography.
i don't really care for Halle, but i WANT to try this!
i like this phrase :)
Le Love has an addictive nature about it...
i need to be wearing an outfit and hair like her.
french doors for a french meal.
i like this ensemble very much.
if you don't watch Glee, you need to! for this reason alone...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

See Me...


as a guest post on Dress Design & Decor
(vacation anyone?!)

thank you, Daniella for the chance to share!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



putting on my sneakers for a long walk after work.
something brisk and fast.
i need some fresh air after a day like today.
then...a glass of vino.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Round-up

the boy bought me this-
an allant hybrid bike.
why is he so generous!?

(excuse the crappy photos- my iphone.)

i couldn't have asked for a better birthday surprise!
plus, enjoyed one of the best bloody marys of my life.

and the girls also got me this- adore!
and plenty more sweet gifts and cards from everyone in my life.

i love love you all!

Friday, April 9, 2010

finally friday tidbits!


so so happy friday has finally arrived!
(but my eye won't stop twitching today...annoying)

anywho, the boy is coming into town tonight (love),
and im celebrating my birthday (a little early)
with all my favorite people (minus a few).
bowling and booze and food.

and so, after a long haul of a week,
here are some lovely finds via the web.
my faves...enjoy!

posie cards. i lurve!

cute banter banner.

coconut milk ice cream (can you tell im a little obsessed with ice cream?)

liberty intimates.

nigella lawson's homeware. adorable!

a little (or a lot) of red. gorgeous.

love according to jane austen.

circus ring, very cool.

jemma kidd's makeup line is smooth and awesome coverage.

have an awesome weekend, darlings! xox

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walgreens, you got me again.

HOW in God's green earth did I spend $55.00 at Walgreens!?!
It gets me every time....

plus, im craving a big cup of this, right about now.

Ain't This So True?


still buried deep in work (and shiz!) this week.
it seems i have no time for anything.
but i adore this little wise photo.

im also very thankful for...
my parents.
mine siblings!
the best friends in the whole wide world.
chubby babies.
ice cream.
the beach.
cruiser bikes.
flip flops.
anything with stripes.
a good burger.

what are your little pleasures you are thankful for?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter & Family (and things...)


this week has been a whirlwind and i am so behind on blogs!
and still, i don't have much time or energy to post today.
i think im going to take a little blog mental break.
(lots of life things going on...)

im flying home to CA to celebrate easter with family.
praying for sun.

so Happy Easter, darlings!
Enjoy some mimosas and candy.