Thursday, July 22, 2010

working girl

got a new job/mini promotion. things are CAH-razy, to say the least. will be out of commission for some time while i get my feet settled. love to all you bloggers and followers! giddy'up! xo,

Friday, July 16, 2010

tidbits: swing swing

so incredibly gorgeous this past week in pdx. warm air and deliciously sunny blue skies. HAPPY summer FRIDAY, women! celebrating a birthday tonight with a bunch of gals packed in a club shaking our booties along with popping bubbly. ( & hopefully celebrating one more piece if news, but still waiting on the confirmation...) anywhoots, here's to another week of accomplishments and a weekend full of cheer(s), mini skirts and friends. huzzah! xo,

for the time being, here are some great weekend links:

south of france, wassssup?

a video that'll make you laugh your arse off.

french soles for your feet, darling!

bikini friendly burgers (i tried the gorgonzola recipe, delish).

again, another story to make your belly hurt.

opi brights, yeah (i want that blue, now!).

my new perfume purchase.

LOVE these wedding invites/place cards.

dying over this jewelry.

stunning bride.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hiya wednesday!

eeeks, how is it wednesday? so much to do, so little time. sorry for being so MIA- was in missoula watching and cheering my dearest friend run her first marathon! inspiring nonetheless. and now, back to work. so, HAPPY HUMP DAY friends and i'll be back later this week (hopefully!) with some lovely links and things.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

and the heat is on!

+ wildfox

there is a heat advisory in portland today. and it's supposed to be 100* tomorrow. well well...from 60* to 97*, summer in the NW has surely arrived, my people. i biked to work today (yes, on my must-do summer list, check please!) and a pleasant (not!) streak of sweat begin to develop under my bangs whilst i was wearing my helmet, peddling up this godforsaken demon of a hill, while trying to catch my breath and dodge oncoming cars. now, i probably don't smell my best and my sweatproof makeup is not so sweatproof anymore, but hey, there is practically no one in the building today and FINALLY, i can feel (hear?) the heat searing the sidewalk. but i digress- really, who wouldn't love to be lazily laying in a meadow with nothing to do but nap and drink bubbly (and in gorgeous white frocks)? that's what i call my reality.
and maybe i miss my blonde hair? (but that's a subject entirely of its own).

stay cool, friends!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the strength in brows

+ wildfox

welcome back to reality (and the work week) people! i hope your holiday weekend was restful and playful. i ate too much, slept too long and drank lots for our blessed 'merica. i am somehow lacking some serious motivation. nap, please?

and for you to ponder while i take a little snooze: peroxide blonde + dark strong brows? some may scoff, but i say YES. gorgeous and a perfect beauty statement for the summer. the saucy lips are also a plus in my book. what say ye?


Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy {freedom} 4th!

cheers to a weekend of great food/drink, fireworks, sun and gut wrenching laughs. mine will be full of bbqs, friends, and outdoor activities (along with the previous mentioned). make your summer must-do lists and slather on the spf. happy freedom friday weekend, darlings.

oh, and Go Oranje! Totally rooting for the Dutchies (that's for you,brother).


images via

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello, friends.

hi there. my name is beebs and im a stripe-aholic.
call me crazy, but i just can't get enough. stripes stripes and more stripes. (clothing, decor and accessories). but i digress. to follow my dear friend over at mangia, i thought i would write myself a little summer must-do list. here goes.

eat the best burger in town.
learn how to paddle board (and sail and wakeboard...ok, all water sports)
go berry picking. and eat lots of fruit.
bike to work a few times a month (+)
check off 5 books from my summer reading list (whilst in the sun!)
take lots of pictures (and frame them).
stop biting my nails.
procure more striped items in my wardrobe.
wear plenty of sunscreen (no burns this summer, please!)
vacay at the oregon coast.
go antiquing like a mad woman.
find my next perfect perfume.

what about your summer must-do's? any beauty must haves?

images: 1 dress design & decor/ 2&4 pics and models/ 3 sacramento street