Monday, December 21, 2009

For the Love of Christmas

i baked my grandmother's famous cookies yesterday with my dearest aunties, sis and cousin.
it was dumping rain, but i was still in the best of spirits.

there is something about the Christmas holiday that just does it for me. rain, snow or shine.

wool knee-high socks.
cozy knitted sweaters.
gold eye shadow.
berry lips.
hot tea.
sizzling coffee.
cookies and chocolate (i've definitely had my share this week...)
wine. wine & more wine.
warm vanilla body sugar scrub.
pumpkin spice candles.
the best friends&family.

these past few years i've celebrated the Birth of Jesus with some of the best people on earth.
this year, although missing one of our dearest members, we welcomed another.
lots of wine, champagne, delicious eats and a good competitive game of Fish Bowl.

pictures over the years.
close to my heart that make me grin big.

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