Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let Us Not Complain...


Although it may be bitterly cold and dropping pounds of snow across the nation, it is another season of beauty-- WINTER!

However, most skin begins to feel the effects of the winter drear...
the culprit: wind, snow, arctic chill, etc result: drab skin.

So a little quick fix for you all--
Things you'll need:
Face moisturizer; tinted, preferably
Loose shimmer eyeshadow in a white or champagne color


When you are facing the morning mirror with dark circles and dull skin,
take a dime size of your facial cream (I use Neutrogena spf 30 tinted moisturizer) and add a pinch of your shimmer eyeshadow to the lotion.
Rub together and lather on your face. I even add a tiny pinch of shimmer to my concealer for under my droopy eyes.


It is a sure fire way to brighten up your face; looking alive, well and glowing!
Then dab on some light bronzer with blush and you're done.

*Any loose eyeshadow will work for this trick. I use a cheapo version of Bare Minerals from Fred Meyers, but Target, Rite Aid or Walgreen's will have plenty of choices. Just make sure it's a very light white or champagne/pink color.

Cheers xo,

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