Monday, December 28, 2009

Knot So Blah

while perusing Marie Claire's January issue,
the beauty beat struck a nice little cord.
...not only because of the stunning Natalie Portman.

but i digress.

hair and ponytails and buns, oh my.
what to do?

while i face the tedious feat of growing out my hair (c'mon, please please!)
it is beginning to sit at that awkward length.
ick. i just pull it up in some boring pony?
or worse, a claw?
the claw is fine for house work and running errands, but that is about it.

so here is a renovated updo, courtesy of stylist Mark Townsend.

1. High Step
pull your hair into a sleek, back high pony tail.
be sure it isn't '80s' high, and grab any large pieces from the front.

2. Braid away
braid the ponytail.
it can be loose.
if your hair isn't long enough, just twist.

3. Twist and place
coil the braid (or twist) into place on the top of your head.
it should create somewhat of a loose knot look.
pin in place with your handy bobby pins.
fly-aways are good.

4. Cleaning up
be sure to pin up any large chunks or bumps.
bobby pins and hairspray are a girls best friend.

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  1. Oooh I am so gonna try this this weekend. Thanks!