Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the devil's work

{cafe press}

no, im not talking about the literal devil and his work.
i mean figuratively.
24 hour fitness has one hell of a work out.
you'll feel like your muscles are burning in the fiery pit of satan's inferno.

i took on the daunting class with 2 of my regular cronies (holla, UP grads!) and yikes!
nevertheless, although the instructor was crazy (in a good way),
and i can't really walk today...or move my arms,
it still feels mighty good to sweat and burn like that.

and reasons why i need to keep sweating and burning like that?

* v-day in park city xo
* vegas SB 2010
* cali trips in spring
* to fulfill my new years resolution
( a healthier lifestyle)


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