Friday, January 15, 2010

How Now Brown Cow?

i was reading miss kim kardashian in the new glamour mag and she said she never leaves the house without matte bronzer. well, doi. i must say she always looks ever so gorgeous (how can you not with a face like that?)

but nevertheless, i thought, "i guess i don't really leave the house without bronzer either," but lately my once-loved physicians formula bronzer was beginning to look orange, old, and too bling to the bling on the face (hello shimmer!). not good for these winter months. and lets be honest, who is that tan in the winter? armenian's like kim, and those who sit in the tanning beds.

so i found a great, CHEAP, little bronzer that is matte enough, but gives just the right amount of color. (can you tell im on a super budget?) in medium.

Wet N' Wild Ultimate Bronzing Powder, $2.99


Use generously, but BLEND. Don't forget to add some pink to the apples of your cheeks.

Available at any drugstore or grocery store (generally).
Fragrance free with vitamins and aloe. Whoop whoop.

Bee bronze! XO,

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  1. Love price conscience shoppers...I'll go pick mine up today! Thanks, Meli