Thursday, January 21, 2010

Handle This: Lena Erziak

a sweet little surprise showed up in my inbox yesterday.
a request to be featured on my blog via Lena Erziak's PR staff.

ooo, just lovely!

so here we are...


Lena Erziak.
nyc based handbag line.
founded by sisters Leona and Hasna Erziak.
belgian-moroccan heritage.
experience in france, morocco and more.

DIVINE purses and handbags!

bags come in suede, leather, python, and ostrich.
perfect for the woman with class and a tweak of attitude.

these bags may be a bit higher than my normal price range
but i couldn't resist.

they are sophisticated & elegant with a trendy flare
(however, never over the top and quite unique!)

my favorite?
the Alessandro: bright red, python, with a scrunch tassle top.
(top photo)

visit the Lena Erziak website for the fall and spring collection in its entirety.
you'll die.

i'd love one draped over my shoulder this instant.
beauty at its best.

Lena Erziak
156 Ludlow Street
NYC, New York
t: 646.484.5895

hugs & love xo,


  1. soooo goregous! i love the alessandro!

  2. yea i want the Romeo for Valentine's Day!!

  3. ha ha ha ,lena and hasna erziak,disigner!!!!!in BELGUM,there are juste ,migrant girls!!!!!

  4. Who cares of them origin; they are talented period and you sound a bit racist and bitter ! Poor you !!!!!

  5. I just love thoses bags. I am sure they'll hit the market if they did not yet.!!!

  6. Everybody comes from somewhere... Most important is the talent which is undeniable by seeing such a splendid collections!!! I LOVE!!!

  7. impressive mix of good taste, talented & refined work.. meant to be a very big brand!!!

  8. Celui ou celle qui a écrit,in Belgium (Hasna en leona)they are just migrant girls....mon cher anonymus, tu eprimes de la jalousie js'que dans les trippes en vers ces deux soeurs qui ont une passion, et beaucoup de talent et qui savent exactement ce dont elles ont envie; créer de belles choses, oui elles font de l'excellent travail, des bosseuses!!!C'est toi l'ingrat(e) qui envie leurs succes....ESPECE DE JALOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUS, a mon avis l'imigré in Brussels qui n'a rien d'autres a faire C'est TOI!!!! vas y petit ingrat(e) crée moi un sac pour voir, a mon avis c'est pas pour demain, ta spécialité c'est de jalouser, envier ceux qui croient en leurs reves et qui arrivent a créer qlq chose de beau, tu ne le supporte pas, hé, ca te dépasse!!! va faire un tour à la Bourse!!! DUCON!!!!