Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy {60th} Birthday, Suzy Q

A very very happy birthday to one of my {many} dearest aunties, Suzy! As we like to call her in the family, "The Peacemaker." Born September 8, 1949 with a full head of blonde curly locks and a joker's smile, she is absolutely precious.

Check out the old school vintage shot from the early 50s. Her brothers (including my father) called her "Fuz" (the 's' for Suz was too difficult to pronounce).

A teacher by day, Irish charmer by night, aunt Suz never fails to impress us all with her beautiful freckles, beach blonde curls and always perfect pink gloss. A mighty combination. She's smart, loyal and incredibly loving. And even better? Her boisterous laugh and honest spirit.

You keep me smiling, Suzy Q. :)

Love you, always! xo,

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