Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vintage Beauty Now: Zooey

I love her movies, I love her Cotton commercials and I love her musical talents. But more than anything, I am really beginning to love her beauty.

Zooey Deschanel combines an interesting element of funky 60s glam, with old Hollywood vintage and her own flair.

The heavy mod bangs, yes! But even more so, the thick black cat eyeliner and peach or red lips is so beautifully vintage and timeless. A total gem!

She is beginning to create her own beauty iconicity and I'm falling for it. Most people can't pull this look off, but with her humor and wit, she is forever charming and gorgeous.

Her skin is always flawless, showing her true natural beauty.

And more than ever, I am dying to see her in the new summer blockbuster flick, (500) Days of Summer. I've heard it's quite the crowd pleaser.

Hats off to you, Zooey.

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  1. She is absolutely stunning and gorgeous! I heart everything about her!