Tuesday, January 11, 2011

res addendum

resolutions addendum- i made a few tweeks and have decided to frame my resolutions for the year, so as not to forget my goals.

im also feeling completely fooled and tormented since my entire closet decided to explode and tear out from the wall...literally, i have a heap of clothing, scarfs and shoes laying helplessly on my bedroom floor. where do i even begin with this mess? hence, an update to my resolutions.

2011 Resolutions, updated
1. Stick to a budget/solidify my finances (no more "buying to buy")
2. Stay away from coke, drink more water
3. Be more adventerous, welcome spontaneity
4. Fear not
5. Organize and de-clutter my life
6. Work on patience
7. Use my fabulous cookbooks; don't eat crap, get my money's worth out of the gym
8. Travel when I can with loved ones

any updates to yours?

Will be back with some more awesome beauty finds as of lately! And as always, love to my Oregon Ducks. You faired well, fellas. xo

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  1. love that! I think resolutions can totally be amended! sorry to hear about the closet, but I bet it will look totally fab when you get it back in order!