Thursday, January 20, 2011

what im using now

When the new year was approaching, I decided to zone in on my favorite beauty products. Instead of buying anything and everything off the shelf that attracted my eye, I committed to some essentials. I bought, I tired and I loved. I'm back on the Bare Minerals bandwagon for full face coverage, but I needed some additions. So here are my gems for the new year:

1. Bare Minerals Renew and Reveal Facial Cleanser, $26 (sale, $18). A dry powder cleanser that is extracted from mineral soil. Activated like a clay cleanser once mixed with water. Gentle, brightening and won't cause breakouts.

2. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar moisturizer, $38, as previously posted. Amazing.

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, $34. A shimmery but beautifully pinky bronzed base for all over your face. I really like to focus on my cheekbones. Will make any complexion glow!

4. MAC Cream Colour Base $16.50. To add to the apples of your cheeks, after the Skinfinish. Smooth with a punch of color. So natural and lasts forever.

5. Rimmel Max Bold Curves mascara, $7. I haven't been impressed with any designer mascara I try, even MAC. I'm a drugstore mascara junky and I've been oh so happy with this thick and fluffy mascara.

6. Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, $25. For the nights I need a little extra scrub, especially after nights out ;) but still gentles for my sensitive and oily skin.

7. Bath and Body Work's Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash, $10.50. So delicious and soothing.

8. MAC Select Moisturecover in NC 15, $16.50. Creamy with a perfect coverage, especially for those purple/pink under eyes typical for fair skinned ladies.

I always stick to MAC eyeshadows and cream eye pots, lip gloss and concealer. Philosophy makes incredible facial products and am very pleased with the outcome. Truly, I'm a MAC and Philosophy loyalist, but am always open to more.

What are your essentials? What are you using right now?

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  1. So many new things to try! I definitely want to check out those MAC skin products. The only designer mascara that has worked for me is Dior. Might be worth a try, but is pretty expensive if it turns out you don't like it. I also love Tarte cream a fresh and dewy look.