Friday, January 14, 2011

what say ye, friday?

has this not been the LONGEST week imaginable!? i honestly could not believe that today was just now friday...wasn't monday, like, centuries ago? but either way, here we are; spent, tired, emotional, cranky, running on my last few fumes. however, busting in my boots im so excited to see my sister, cousins and cousin's baby (aka, "Pants") tonight.

the details: in 2 hours, dinner with 2 besties, wine and dessert with my luvies tonight, ele's deli tomorrow with shopping (but sticking to my budget, resolution #1!), drinks and dancing with the best people in the world saturday eve, my monthly massage sunday, seeing country strong and finishing the evening off with the golden globes. as for monday (a day off!), who knows!?

weekend, bring it. xo,
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