Monday, August 17, 2009

Deserted Island Must Haves


Just let me pretend; let me pretend for one minute that I am on a a tropical island with only a cocktail and loved ones to interrupt my personal paradise. How yummy does that sound? To leave the 'real world' per say and shack up here, on a hammock, with no care in the world.

I always love asking people, "if you could only have 3 beauty items on a deserted island, what would they be?" And so, I am asking you today. I challenge you to find your three most prized beauty products/items that you 'must have' on a deserted island, minus Jack Sparrow and his Caribbean pirates.

For moi, it is pretty simple. I will just assume that there will be a supple plethora of SPF for everyone, so not to worry. Imagine that! Now, is this a vain question to ask? I think not...some women still require their favorites, no matter the circumstances. My 3 'must have' products are as follows:

1. Mascara, 2. deodorant and 3. spf chapstick

Mascara (lately I've been using Maybelline's famous pink tube) to give those eyes definition and pronunciation; deodorant to keep you fresh and obviously BO free (LOVE Dove); and finally, Neutrogena's Moisture Shine Tinted Lip balm with spf 20 to keep your lips lush and protected without the sticky gloss.

We're going to assume that the sun combined with the supplied spf will give a fantastic glow and bronze, so bronzer, blush or tinted lotions are a moot point. There is also a understanding in my mind that the sun will keep your skin even and clear, hence no concealers, powders or foundations.

But again, this is just my day dreaming. So, what would you take? (Besides Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt) ;)

It's always sunny in Portland xo,

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