Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAC: Color Me Giddy

MAC Cosmetics keeps hitting the high notes with their current ad campaigns. Below my quaint NW apartment sits the newly renovated and grand opening of the MAC Store and it's already buzzing with cosmetic obsessed buyers.

And what is even more appealing? The ads. Below are my two favorite. Now this is the way to a girls makeup-loving heart; color and creativity. Makes a girl dream...

{ Painting by Richard Phillips, Fall 2009}

{Photography by Marily Minter, Fall 2009}

Lastly, I'm dying to experiment with their new line, Naked Honey. Hullo! Look at that dripping sticky honey down her arm. It's said to be the perfect mix of natural tones for all skin types. What's a queen bee to do? ;) Yes, please!

Back to my beehive...


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