Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunny Blondes: Beer and Lemon

Happy sunny {beer} days!

With the heat rising and the sun rays blasting in full force, here is one tip for the blondes: beer and lemons!

Summer days as a childhood true blonde; thanks mamma.

Back in the day, people often tried Sun-In and I'm sorry, the result was less than desirable. Hello, orange hair! Yucky. This is not what I am suggesting.

Instead, try my mother's age old trick. Before you jet out to bask in the rays, dampen your hair with sink or shower water. This will help with absorption.

Next, dump half a beer (any kind, we're not picky...) on your full head of hair, focusing on the roots. My mother often used Budweiser heavy ("it tastes like a turkey sandwich" ) or Coors, the family favorite.

After the beer is soaked in, squeeze an entire large lemon all over the top of your head, again, focusing on the roots. Once finished, comb through with a wide tooth comb.

The smell may not be the most enjoyable, but after a couple hours in the sun, your hair color will be accelerated and come out bright and blonde! Wash as normal once you are done with the sun.

Cheers! xo,

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