Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Rolling Rock Gets the Moss

I absolutely love Kate Moss. I think she is divine. Although she has participated in some less than appropriate behaviors and may be hated by most of the mass public, I still find joy and inspiration when I come across a photog of Ms. Moss.

I adore her mod bangs and constant pout (much better than those damn Olson twins, who constantly look like a deer in the headlights). What I would give to paint a deep red or punchy pink on those lips. Plus, the tossled hair and beach look is always a winner. She is so Euro.

Kate also has the "barely there" makeup look on patent. If she wants to vamp things up, she adds some 60s style eyeliner with a clean face and nude lips. Fabulous!

The picture below is a perfect example of silver and black eyeliner for a smolderous look, but never overdone.

I also cannot stand Sienna Miller and her waifish, snobby ways. A bad example for a Brit. But more than anything, Kate's bone structure is sensational. I can only imagine how excited a makeup artist must be when he or she gets to experiment and work on Kate's face. What I would give to work on that canvas!

You may love her, you may hate her, you may not even care about her. However, Kate Moss has the face that could kill, even more so than those delicious Cullen vampires (yes, Twilight!) My point is only to honor her timeless beauty.

Always xo,

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  1. I love it b! Love to just scroll the beauty:) I'm always watching you from KS:) .....xoxoxoxoxoJ