Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weddings; Green with Envy

A dearest college friend of mine (whom I shall refer to as "E") is putting her efforts and creative vision into something she absolutely loves; weddings. She is currently interning with a Portland wedding planner and is beginning to flourish. I would say she is even bordering on obsession.

E is not tall in stature, but her personality makes up for the lack of inches. She is always positive, more than generous, and has a wicked sense of wit. I envy her bright freckles and freakishly healthy hair (never dyed it a day in her life).

So here she is, the J-Lo of wedding planning, but only the Nob Hill version :) And what is even better? She is all about green, and I DIG the green! Especially since I scour Green Wedding Shoes blog, daily. Enjoy!

Hello beelux readers! While Beebs is off on a deserted island for a mini-vacation I just had to chime in! I could not help but pass along these fabulous colors for a wedding.

4 leaf clovers are a perfect accent as each leaflet represents something: the first is for hope, the second faith, the third love, and the fourth luck… very fitting for such a special occasion.

Also don’t forget to insert your color accent into your shoes.

As always, bee green!

{ photo credits: www.green-neckties.com, Brides!, Candy Buffet, Martha Stewart Wedding}

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