Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mercy, Mercy!

A line that has always held a soft spot in my heart is Laura Mercier. From a family of fair tones and sensitive skin, Ms. Mercier has continued to impress. However, she is not only for the faint of heart (or should I say faint of skin).

She makes a fabulous line of products, giving you the most flawless face. Yes, her stuff can be a bit on the spendy side, but its worth your bucks.

For those with heavy sun spots, acne scars or just plain old redness and dark circles, Laura Mercier will hook you up!

Press on the title of the blog to bring you directly to Laura Mercier's flawless face collection. I love her face primer and brightener.

Be sure to browse and try out other products of your own; that is the only way you will ever find what you truly love. But spring for the good stuff when you can afford it.

Love it! Oh mercy, mercy!

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