Thursday, August 13, 2009

Overwhelmed, Underwhelmed, Whelmed...?

It has been a crazy month of work already prepping for the new school year and lately, I've been feeling all sorts of emotional angst. The unfortunate thing is, I can't promise any new blog entries for the rest of the week and through the weekend. Dare I say, please forgive me?

I want to, but with all circumstances at hand--friends moving chic apartments, a KICKBALL tournament (holler) and an extended family reunion (plus, no internet at home), I must make my amends and have a little solitude for the weekend.

One beauty idea I'm digging right now? Light pink and bronze eyeshadow over the entire lid, blendid. Makes your eyes look WIDE awake. Gorge!

So, thinking cap is on with a little R&R (not totally) and I promise to be back with a bang!

Much love,

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