Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini Magnificence

Like always, I took a special little trip to Walgreens after I returned from a grueling 24 hours of travel from the glory that is Paree. How could I not? Although I cherished (and still do cherish) my time in Paris with family for 10 stress-free days, I missed my routine excursions to Mecca, aka Walgreens.

I picked up the usuals: hair conditioner for colored locks (another awesome new find and post to follow soon), face night cream, lip gloss, razors and floss (gotta keep up these toofs!). However, I took a brief gander at Wet 'n Wild's newest shiz...and I found a very tiny, but very powerful product.

For $3.99, you can pick yourself up a mini jar of their mineral powder for your face. Coming in only a few shades, I had to make a decision to whether I was fair, medium, light or tan. Naturally, I chose the lightest and to my surprise, it gives a very nice, even glow without making me look like a ghost.

Wet 'n Wild Natural Wear Mineral Foundation, $3.99

It is a mini piece of gold for your face. It can't be more than an ounce or two (so I'm talkin' mini), but the powder is packed with a punch. Wet 'n Wild even includes a mini kabuki brush to blend. Although, not the softest bristles. But nevertheless, you can't really beat the price of $3.99 and it's all natural with no ingredients that clog you pores. Plus, perfect for traveling or for your purse for daily touch-ups.

Ooo la grab yourself one and enjoy!

Ta-ta XO,

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