Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obsessed: She Wolf


Alrrrrright! My friends are going to laugh in my face that I'm even blogging about this...

Maybe Halloween is actually telling me to dutifully take on the role as "She Wolf" for my costume and it's no jest, I'm pondering it....

Or is it just that my roommate and I are pretty much obsessed with Shakira's "She Wolf''?


All I can say is although the video is a bit much (to say the least) the song is catchy as ever and Shakira looks absolutely gorgeous! Her milky caramel skin with bright honey blonde hair in contrast to her espresso eyes is quite the look for this Columbian beauty.

In fact, she's like a much prettier version of Beyonce...don't ya think?

So check this out...if you can handle it ;) Video link below.



  1. Love the song, love Shakira, love She Wolf! Awwwooo!

  2. Shakira IS super hot!