Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Bumble for the Bees

There is nothing more in this world that I love than getting my hair done. OK, OK, this may be a bit of an exaggeration...but its close enough to the truth.

I relish in the feeling of walking into a salon that smells of exotic shampoos, sprays and creams. Music is bumping, there are magazines galore, and my nerves just twitch with excitement and anticipation.

Er, that just me? Am I the only one that gets this thrilled and who loves their salon that much? Well if you have a stylist like mine (known her since I was 5; she's been working on these locks since I was 12 and happens to be my best friend's mother!), you would too. Especially if your stylist works at Sugar Laboratories in NE Portland. Sheer gloriousness.

But I digress...the real point of this post to finally expel my love for Bumble & Bumble. Again, another product my mother introduced to us wee lads in our early teens, this stuff still remains a must-have for stylists.

After a successful visit to the salon last week, I finally caved and bought this gem:

Bumble & Bumble "Bb Does it All" Styling Spray, $24 for 10 oz

The ultimate working spray that gives a light hold, texture and movability, while helping your hair respond to your hot styling tools with heat protection. It gives an easy control, while never feeling sticky or heavy. A light aerosol spray and even better, ozone friendly and nice to your lungs. Plus, smells like heaven!

After blow-drying your hair, spray a fine mist over your entire head before styling with a curling iron or flat iron. After you have finished your entire look, spray this on your roots and massage into hair for lift and texture. And, voila!
mm mm, more bumble for my honey.
Me likey.

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